trying to get what info I can on my 8XL ..anyone?

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trying to get what info I can on my 8XL ..anyone?

Post  aarontupin on July 30th 2008, 9:00 pm

Ok Sears 8XL tractor model # 1378
painted orange, and white
Engine model# 143.608012
S/N 9307_08100

engine reads Crafstman, however is Tucumsen/ solid state ignition

Actually my uncle picked this up and is into this machine and wants to get networked. Not very computer savy though.. Anything info would be great such as the year. I missed it on the I.D. section.

Thank You


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Re: trying to get what info I can on my 8XL ..anyone?

Post  searstractorfan on August 16th 2008, 11:56 pm

its prolly a 1969..i also have a 8XL...nice little work horse...mine is starting to get worn (smokes pretty good)...cant beat it, paid $89 for it on ebay, and drove it onto my truck....all original except an hour meter the owner added, and I bought it off the original owner....Well let me retract that statement, i did take the muffler off, added a straigh pipe, changed the clutch spring, and added a foot throttle...these are nice mowers...and very rare, cause these tractors use the 8hp tecumseh and these motors were built on the 10hp engine platform, so they are VERY heavy blocks...


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