Craftsman GT16 Varidrive Attachment Clutch Questio

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Craftsman GT16 Varidrive Attachment Clutch Questio

Post  edkedk on June 29th 2010, 11:10 am

I am still having a total disunderstand, (if that's a word), of how the attachment engagement clutch would be configured on my recently acquired Sears, Craftsman, GT16 Varidrive tractor. I have determined that an attachment drive belt comes off the second pulley on my horizontal engine shaft and probably down through the space under the pulley to the tractor underside. Where it would go from there I have no idea. There is a belt engagement pedal that has all the parts, (except the spring shown in the manual diagram), connected to it. I am clueless as to how it would engage the attachment drive belt. Any explanation and/or photos of how this belt drive mechanism is attached and engages the attachment belt would be greatly appreciated.


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