Identify this snowblower

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Identify this snowblower

Post  wildo on December 29th 2008, 12:33 am

I recently inherited my grandpa's old ST16 with a blade, deck, and snowblower. The front blade and the mower deck both have the stamped Sears model tag on it- so they are easily identifiable. However, the snowblower doesn't have such a tag. From all of the research I've done- the Sears snowblowers were indeed belt driven from the engine, and the shaft driven to the blades. The jackshaft appears to be at the top right corner on all of the Sears pictures that I can find.

Some overview shots:

As you can see from the pics, the jackshaft on this unit is at the bottom left corner. You can also see that it uses the standard Sears slide-in accessory mounting bracket:

The snow blade itself is chain driven off of the jackshaft:

The only tag that is still on it is the patent tag:

So does anyone have a clue if this is, in fact, a Sears snowblower- and more importantly- do you know the model number? Thanks!!!


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Re: Identify this snowblower

Post  spence on January 1st 2009, 10:56 am

Sure looks like Ford blue on that snowblower!

A lot of old Sears stuff was repainted that color because it *kind of* matched the blue colors of the old tractors.

I'm from NJ. Snowblowers aren't really that common around here, so far be it from me to speak with any type of authority on this equipment.

Those patent numbers come from the Haban Manf. company. The did make a lot of Sears stuff, but they also made things for other tractors. They would normally use their Sears model number to identify whatever it was if sold by Sears, not the HMN number like on your blower.

I'm thinking that this may be a generic attachment, converted over to fit a Suburban by a skilled machinist or handyman.

There's a Yahoo Group that deals in Haban attachments. Maybe someone there would be of more help.


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Re: Identify this snowblower

Post  ray on May 12th 2010, 10:59 am

its a blower off a sears ss15 tractor


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Re: Identify this snowblower

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