Great site. 1959 Suburban question

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Great site. 1959 Suburban question

Post  farmerwannabe on January 23rd 2009, 5:36 pm

Hi all. Great site; lots of info...thanks. Does anyone know of a source for agricultural-style tires for a 1959-62 suburban tractor? Also, what modern paint color approximates the correct colors for that year(s) of suburban (body/frame and rims)? Thanks for your help. I'll post some pictures of this still "in the barn" where I found it and when I get it home in a few days when I can get it. Thanks again for the great site!


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Re: Great site. 1959 Suburban question

Post  spence on January 24th 2009, 11:15 am

I believe you have 6x12 AG (lug) tires on that tractor. They can still be purchased online or if you have a good local tire store, get them there.

Check out what ply rating the tires have. Some tires are meant for the front wheel drive of larger tractors and have a 6ply rating. I believe the original had 2ply rating. The higher ply rating will give you a much stiffer tire that is harder to mount and rougher riding. Unless you are a serious puller, you don't need the higher weight rating of the higher ply.



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