Trans axle won't shift to second

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Trans axle won't shift to second

Post  sgdorcas on October 14th 2011, 7:26 pm

I have a 1976 - ST16, and 2 1979-80 GT19.9, all sport the same trans axle. 2 of them I have had apart to replace oil seals, bearings, and in on case 6 mashed gears. These tractors have all been worked hard on golf courses and tree farms, and only recently have retired t0 a life in the outer suburbs. The last time I had one apart, when I reassembled, I no longer has second gear, only 1,3, & R both ranges. I purchased a used transaxle from a 92 roper, which has the same gears, but the case is 1-2 inch wider at the mounting point, and the input shaft is a bit longer. I opened it up and found a small error in my reassembly, so I corrected it, and tried again. Still won.t shift to 2nd. The gear shifter will not click in. If I hold it over towards second, the gears are grinding, but it seems that the gears just won't drop down into place. Any one out there have any advice. I have stripped one of the GT19.9's, due ro a broken fram that is going out for repair, so I slipped that trans axle in for now, and it works great.

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