Sears GT16-Looks like FF16 Model number 917.253645

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Sears GT16-Looks like FF16 Model number 917.253645

Post  sawbuckjohn on November 27th 2011, 6:13 pm

Hi everybody! I just got back with an FF16, I think. It has the Briggs Twin opposed piston horizontal 16. It is ugly from sitting out, but started(cold natured) and sounded pretty good. Deck with it is pretty quiet. Hood is messed up due to fiberglass/screw pullthrough. I got a brand new hood with it. The thing is, I bought it for the engine, and I'm wondering wether to part the rest or pretty it up. I don't think I can recover my time in fixing it/restoring it, ya never can. And it wouldn't be a labor of love, cause I think it's, well, less than pretty, but a good substantial machine. somewhere around '82. I read somewhere from 79-83? The rear end looks alot like my SS16 Suburban(Roper made) The deck is very good. Steering seems good. Let me know if you are interested in parts and help me make up my mind. . Thanks


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