SS-14 belt guide interchangeability

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SS-14 belt guide interchangeability

Post  yugo42 on February 25th 2012, 5:44 pm

Just got back from a fun day at the tractor boneyard and finally bought myself the belt guide that fits over the engine pulley for my '71 SS-14. My hope was that finally I'd be able to disengage my snow thrower attachment with something guiding the belt properly. All the Suburbans at the yard had Tecumsehs, with a couple of Onan twins thrown in for good measure. I unfortunately have a Briggs so I grabbed the belt guide from a Sub 12 hoping it would bolt up. No dice, the bolting points on the inner bracket are way off!

Does anyone know if the bracket was the same part for any other Suburban models? The outer guide is the same for all, but I need that inner bracket with the studs.

Anyone with an SS-14 or 15 that can post a pic of how their belt guide bracket is attached?

Thanks for your help!


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