Tecumseh SSI conversion to coil/battery

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Tecumseh SSI conversion to coil/battery

Post  TAHOE on November 16th 2012, 2:37 pm

Like many, I was overcome by the dreaded dead SSI module on my 1977 16/6 OH160. Luckily had a spare whcih lasted me about 3 hours. Unwilling to pay the $150-250 for a 35 yr old used electrical part, I researched the option. I almost pulled the trigger to buy Ed Stoller's pickup sensor, www.earthandmagnets.com ,when my buddy said to wait, he was working on something. He build and runs pullers using Kohlers mainly and came up with a conversion that uses a small micro switch triggered by a magnet in flywheel that feeds a coil, works on his alcohol fed puller, why not a Tecumseh motor.
He built a stand mounted test motor prototype 12 Hp, then swapped over to my 16 as I use it real world under different conditions. It works great and motor runs better, cooler and parts can be bought off the shelf.
Basically he removed both pins from flywheel, place a small cylinder magnet in the adavance pin hole, mounted the pickup and then the coil. A on/off switch is used to power/ shut off the coil. The pickup comes from Midwest Super Cub, the coil was bough from Nichols performance, we made the brackets. I will post a few picks, but the entire write up is on my tractor fourm at link below.



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