restoration 74 st12

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restoration 74 st12

Post  indycrafter on February 23rd 2013, 12:04 pm

Hi folks, new here from Indianapolis. Here we are suppose to only collect WHs because they are the official tractors to pull the indy cars. Except I'm into collecting more standard Americana.

Just purchased a very well kept 74 st12.($250) The problem is the baby poop green gold orig. color. I bought it for duel use as collector and garden plow/disc. I just don't want to plow my garden with baby poop. I'm a firm believer in all original. Except common, there must be some line drawn in the sand? I observed the fella here that restored his in cat-yellow with matt white hood and wheels. It looks great. I'm looking at Bright yellow Practa with warm white hood & rims. Under coat it with an orange red to push the yellow a little beefy.

What do you think?

Great site, I have been reading old forums for a couple of weeks while looking for my suburban. It paid off quiet well. Thanks a million guys.


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