Newbie just picked up a cpouple of ST's

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Newbie just picked up a cpouple of ST's

Post  buzzcuzz on March 22nd 2009, 6:29 pm

Hello from Florida. Newbie here. Glad to have found the site. I just got a large 2 cylinder Oman not sure of HP... and the second one a steel Craftsman 12 (I think) HP. Both are good chape... not stuck, buitnot running. Likely need new carburators.. so the owner says. What is the best way to begin to sort these out beforeI titaly restore them. I cant wait ti get started. I go this week to bring them home... then, I will report the exact specifications and details. I am sure to need tyour help. I really am oddly excited about these old things... and can understanadthat they are collectale and vluable. They are great little machines! Any suggestions to get started??? Where do I start??? Thanks, Buzz


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Re: Newbie just picked up a cpouple of ST's

Post  spence on March 24th 2009, 10:40 am

Here's how I look at a new tractor, in order of importance:

1. Evaluate engine mechanics. Compression check, clean/rebuild carb, check for spark. Repair ignition if needed.

2. How does engine run? Once running, you will be better able to evaluate the engine. Any noises, smoke, etc..

3. Transmission issues. When it's running, you will be able to see if the trans is operating OK.

4. Steering, tires, bearings. A lot of the older tractors have tie rod ends that are shot. Old tires need tubes.

5. Appearance. What are you using the tractors for? Show? Around the yard? I leave my work tractors in original condition. Something going to the tractor show will get paint and restoration.


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