Suburban 10 broken recoil starter

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Suburban 10 broken recoil starter Empty Suburban 10 broken recoil starter

Post  ss12 on October 26th 2015, 3:44 pm

i picked up a complete suburban 10 last friday for 20 bucks from a guy it is in very complete good looking condition i havent started it yet do to a stuck valve and rebuilding the carb. the only issue i cant fix yet is the recoil starter the part of the rope pully that hooks to the spring to recoil the rope is broke so the spring wont hold the pullel so when you pull the rope it stays out does any one know how to fix it or know wherer to get a new assembly its a HH100 engine

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Suburban 10 broken recoil starter Empty Re: Suburban 10 broken recoil starter

Post  seattle smitty on October 30th 2015, 12:13 pm

Well since so far no one has given you a good answer, here's a mediocre-to-crummy answer, LOL.

First, I'm surprised you have a rewind at all. I have an old Suburban with HH100 (up for sale), and it only has the electric starter/generator, no manual starter. Whatever, if in the end you can't find a proper Tecumseh replacement spring, how about going to the nearby small engine shops and outboard motor shops and see if there's a spring that's close enough to work?

Or if worse comes to worst, start it with a rope. That's how us old guys started all little engines, long ago. In fact, it's how racers of alky-burning outboard racemotors start their engines today, and some of these go well over 100hp, and have lots of compression to overcome.

seattle smitty

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