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Post  ss12 on November 16th 2015, 12:02 pm

i just started repowering a suburban 10 from a hh100 to a OH140. is there any specs for theese engines to compare torque between the 2 engines what are the pros and cons to the ohv setup are there any performace upgades for the oh140

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OH140 repower Empty Re: OH140 repower

Post  TKW on November 24th 2015, 3:48 pm

going to pitch my three cents in the hat , 12 , the ohv engine is far better than the flat head. only draw back would be the electrical system , that's the major problems i've had with the tecumseh engine i have . don't know any specs your looking for , as for performance don't know of any bolt on items available , but anything is possible with deep enough pockets . just some things to consider , any engine is basically just an air pump the more air (fuel) you flow the more power possible . performance and power from head work to increase flow would be oversize valves , better springs , port and polish , cam , larger carb and exhaust . you may try a small engine performance forum for a tractor pulling or lawn mower racing web site and ask questions. keep us advised with your findings and best of luck with your project > tim


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OH140 repower Empty Re: OH140 repower

Post  seattle smitty on November 27th 2015, 1:09 pm

IMHO, either engine is fine, and I have experience with both.  You have a 3 speed box plus a Low-High range, which was all the gearing I ever needed even with the old flathead. Either engine was reliable, ran for decades until needing a rebuild.  Each one eventually developed ignition problems that called for NLA parts, so I adapted automotive electronic ignitions for each.  I'd say that at this point, the best engine is the one for which you can find the parts to keep it in good shape. I'm not disagreeing with TKW that the OHV engine isn't more efficient, etc., but for me the flathead was entirely up to the jobs required of it.

seattle smitty

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