ignition wire harness

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ignition wire harness

Post  77j10 on May 29th 2008, 6:51 pm

I have a question concerning the ignition wire harness male plug that plugs to the ignition. I recently bought a sears replacement ignition with keys for my st12 model 917.25860. had a hard time getting the old ones seperated and eventually found that the plugs broke off from the male end.
Can the old harness male end wires be connected induvidualy to the new ignition by adding connecters to each wire or do you have to have the 5 wire plug as was the orriginal setup?
Dan in Maine


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Re: ignition wire harness

Post  searstractorfan on June 5th 2008, 1:29 am

Yes if you no where each wire goes on the ignition, it can be wired on in individual wires, but make sure that they DO NOT touch each other..Because some may have power and others are grounds, and that usually makes for a rather interested ride...We wire our pullers up like that so we can unhook certain systems outta the harness if we have problems ever at a track, like motor wont start, you then can unhook the magneto ground ect...But you can buy that plug for like $3 I think and then buy new connectors and pop in to it...


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