Need a carb for my 1968 Sears 10XL Custom

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Need a carb for my 1968 Sears 10XL Custom

Post  Dann757 on March 14th 2018, 1:11 pm

Hello, I'm looking for a carb or a replacement that will work for my beloved 68 10XL. The mounting flange broke so the original is pretty much done for. I could use a carb body and swap parts.

The Sears engine # is Model 143 589022 which translates to Tecumseh HH100-115098B.

The carb might be a Walbro, the #'s on it are LME 26 127. That translates to Tecumseh MPN 631304B. That was apparently superseded by 631980 and 632425. Partsdirect says the carb is 631226A.

Bore seems to be 26 mm or 1-1/16" and bolt centers on the throttle side is 44mm or 1 - 3/4".

I have done a lot of looking in the last couple days.

thanks if anyone can help!


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