Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
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What is it? Year?

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What is it? Year? Empty What is it? Year?

Post  MUNCH May 2nd 2012, 10:21 am

My Granny just passed away and in the back yard under a tarp was an old Craftsman Riding Mower. It is in really good shape for someone who wanted to restore it, no real rust, (surface) no dents or dings. It isnt a big lawn tractor, quite small but pretty cool looking. It is yellow and white and the motor site in the middle of the machine, kind of between your legs and the gear box is right behind it. The Gear Box has an open chain tom the rear tires and is exposed. It has an aluminum deck. I am not sure what size engine, but quite small and a pull start. The front grill is quite cool looking. Ir says craftsman and is is formed right in the metal. It does have a serial number plate on it, the number is 131 8532. If anyone has any info on this that would be great. My family was going to take it to the scrap yard, but it looked too cool for that and I figured someone out there might be interested in it. Sure enough I find a site dedicated to Vintage Craftsman Tractors. Thanks alot.
Oh, and BTW, I am located in Little Britain Ontario Canada. That is about an hour north of Oshawa.


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