Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
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Gas Tank for GT18 Tractor

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Gas Tank for GT18 Tractor Empty Gas Tank for GT18 Tractor

Post  Midnight77 August 28th 2014, 5:31 pm

Has anyone been able to repair a leaking plastic gas tank for a Sears GT18 Tractor or have know of a company that makes different size (round) metal tanks? My original tank leaks like a Russian dam.


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Gas Tank for GT18 Tractor Empty Re:plastic Gas Tank Repair

Post  Georgia SS August 28th 2014, 9:17 pm

There is plenty of 2 part epoxy sealers to repair plastic, napa has a 2 part plastic weld. Or a motor cycle gas tank sealer kit is available, also there is some tanks on ebay for sale, not cheap but will solve your problem.
Good Luck

Georgia SS

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