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New Custom 6 owner needs help

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New Custom 6 owner needs help Empty New Custom 6 owner needs help

Post  JoeSteele July 8th 2019, 5:30 pm

Near completion of new to me 1964 custom 6 restoration. It looks very nice and can't wait to run it, but need a couple of things to get it back to work.

First of all, the carb needs a rebuild kit but having a hard time locating one. The engine (6 hp) has a model number of 143-556112. I have come to learn that the 143 is a tecumseh designation but the last six digits do not ring a bell, even to lauson power products (tecumseh people). Does anybody out there know the model series name or number or know what rebuild kit number it needs?

The mower deck (#917 99620) was in pretty good shape so I cleaned it up and put it back together. Looks nice but missing one of the mower blades. It has that opposing "D" slot in the middle. Looked through google images and ebaY and no luck. Anyone know what to do for new blades for this deck?

I appreciate any help you may provide.



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