Belt adjustment

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Belt adjustment

Post  spence on December 7th 2008, 12:47 pm

Hi Gary,

Sorry I got into this one late. I uploaded a couple of pics that hopefully will clarify what I'm going to write.

This is the clutch arm. Notice the tang that goes over the pulley? This keeps the belt running in the groove of the pulley, and also may serve to stop the belt when the clutch pedal is depressed. Sometimes they will get bent out by people who don't want to unbolt the pulley to replace the belt. I've seen a few tractors where the tang thing is bolted on and not a piece of the bracket. It may have been discarded if that's the case.

This is where the spring gets mounted.

This is a copy of the manual page relating to the belt adjustment. I apologize if this is the same thing you have in your manual.

Make sure you have the right belt. Make sure the tang is in place and close to the pulley. Some belts are stiffer than others, especially in the weather we're having. You have to get that belt stopped so you can shift.


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belt tension

Post  Murphdogg59 on December 24th 2008, 10:11 am

hi i just checked and it seems unless the flat idler pulley is just a bar i seem to be missing a pulley as i have to manually pull the brake towards me to get any kind of movement from the tractor . i tried a shorter belt but still same thing any ideas??

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