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1984 Sears-Craftsman YTV/16 - transaxle problem

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1984 Sears-Craftsman YTV/16 - transaxle problem Empty 1984 Sears-Craftsman YTV/16 - transaxle problem

Post  moonshiner180 June 12th 2015, 7:12 pm

Hello. I have an 84 YTV-16, and it was maintained well, the engine is strong, it mows great, etc. I picked it up a few days ago, and the only real issue was it was extremely hard to get it out of first gear. I read on a diy forum to try a shot of penetrating oil at the shifter base, so i tried it, and it seemed to solve the issue, it went in and out of 1st great. However today when i went to test it out running, all was not as it seemed. The shifter itself goes into all the gears great, you can feel it "click" into place, but the gears will not engage at all for first, or reverse. When i try to engage either one, when i let out the clutch, the mower acts exactly like it does with the shifter out of gear. In 2nd and 3rd the tractor still moves and goes just fine. I tried unbolting the shifter and adding some fresh grease under the pivot ball, and putting everything back, but so far this has had no immediate effects.. What else can i do? Will i have to remove and re grease the entire transaxle? If i do will this atleast get it back to the way it was when i got it? Someone please point me in the right direction.

1984 Sears-Craftsman YTV/16 - transaxle problem 7099_911


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