Vintage Sears Garden Tractors
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Please read before posting Empty Please read before posting

Post  Admin May 15th 2008, 5:33 pm

One of the best things about the internet is the ability to interface with others, regardless of location, in an instant. This allows those who share an interest in a particular hobby the means of grouping together to share experiences or just simply to remain in contact. The anonymous nature of the internet sometimes has a way of bringing out the worst in people, so rules must be established to keep things orderly. What follows are the simple rules of this message board:

This site is intended for those who have a genuine interest in Sears Garden Tractors.

I encourage posting messages here in order to get help, help others or to contribute something in general.

I will attempt to maintain this site by visiting it on a daily basis in order to monitor the messages and keep the posts relevant to the topic.

Personal attacks will not be permitted. I understand there may be disagreements, but it must be done in a civil way. No vulgarity.

Not all who post messages have the same writing style. As long as I can understand what is written and it doesn't violate the rules, you're good to go. Please don't complain about spelling, grammar, all caps or various other nitpicking. Focus on the content, not the style.

As the administrator, I reserve the right to delete any message or ban any user who violates the rules. I will take the following actions if you violate the rules:

1. Warn you to stop, but allow you to keep posting.

2. Suspend your privilege to access the board for a time period that I determine is appropriate.

3. Block your IP address totally.

This message board is privately controlled and access to it is a privilege that I may grant or deny. The buck stops with me.

I WILL NOT allow this board to become a porn spam outlet, place for personal vendettas or a hostile environment in general.

This is a non-profit venture I have created for those who enjoy the hobby. I may from time to time decide to promote certain businesses that I feel would be beneficial to Sears tractor owners. I do not receive any profit from these advertisements.

There is a classified section listed on this site: Please post classified ads there.

Don't force me to be the bad guy by violating the rules. I have seen too many other sites and boards go downhill due to a lack of moderation. I can promise you that won't happen here.

Any member posting spam, or replying to spam messages will be deleted and their IP address blocked immediately.

I created this board so that others can share in the fun and enjoyment that I have experienced through collecting these tractors. I hope it will become a valuable resource for those who visit.

Please enjoy!



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